a movement, instigated by four cinematic portraits OF defiant individuals, WHO OPEN UP ABOUT THEIR mental health challenges.






Dorith Mous, creator of Together-Alone, highlights the talent, beauty and success of those who deal with mental health challenges. With their stories, she aims to re-frame current perceptions, break stigma and create discourse for change.

EP01 features professional ballet dancer Keren Leiman, who found her feet and her voice while tackling her daily confrontations with panic attacks. 

EP02 lent centre stage to horticulturist Eilika Meckbach, a former high fashion model who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty to grow. 

EP03 follows the movements of modern day composer Jackson Mullane, who found himself through letting go of societal categories. 

EP04 sheds light on mixed media artist Edwin Bethea and his rather dark experiences as a youngster that he has successfully navigated through.

Rome wasn't built in a day and certainly not by the hands of one; an incredible team of creatives is moving this important project forward and we cannot wait for the world to see.